Swap, earn, and receive crypto assets

Discover the advantages of decentralized crypto trading platforms without third parties and verifications

How to Start?

How to Start?

Join the growing FRZSWAP platform just in a few clicks. Easy, secure, and convenient.

Connect your Wallet

Create a new wallet or connect the existing one.

Choose the Asset

Pick the desired pair and choose the asset you would like to swap or receive.

Receive Crypto

Receive the assets on your wallet for which you exchanged.


Find out more about the FRZSWAP advantages

  • No sign-up

    On FRZSWAP, you don’t need to create an account, enter your data, or pass KYC. Just connect your wallet and start using the platform!

  • No third parties

    Forget about paying fees to third-party organizations, account blocks, or storing your crypto on other companies' accounts.

  • P2P transactions

    Exchange the crypto directly with other users. Use the liquidity pools to earn.

  • Huge ecosystem

    FRZSWAP belongs to the FRZ Solar System ecosystem that is developing multiple products, such as a crypto wallet, centralized crypto exchange, own blockchain, token on 2 chains, and solar power plants.


The DEX with its own ecosystem

FRZW token

Utility token of FRZSWAP exchange on BSC chain

FRZSS token

FRZ Solar System token on FRZ blockchain & Binance Smart Chain

FRZ blockchain

Our own blockchain with low fees and fast transactions

FRZSwap decentralized exchange

The DEX which allows you to trade crypto assets without the participation of third parties

FARZEX centralized exchange

The CEX with the ability to buy crypto using fiats in the most secure way

FRZ crypto wallet

Secure and convenient place to store the assets

About Our Token

Meet FRZW token

Use the utility token of FRZSWAP and enjoy the rewards!

Token Symbol: FRZW

Chain: Binance Smart Chain

Contract address: 0x2a5dFE9EDd6D1431eecEA70cBb1635Ba88347BaD

Total Supply: 10,000,000,000


  • 1% of FRZW transactions

    will be burned to support the liquidity

  • Receive FRZW

    as a reward for using the FRZ crypto wallet

Earn with FRZSWAP

  • Stake FRZW in liquidity pools

    You will get up to 0.17% fee of each transaction

  • Use FRZW in Yield Farms

    Up to 30% APY

Our Whitepaper

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About Our Token


Explore more about FRZW token by checking up the tokenomics

Max Supply: 10,000,000,000

Initial Supply: 10,000,000,000

  • Partnerships


  • Team

    10% (Locked for 2 years)

  • Liquidity


  • Pools (staking awards)


  • Farming


  • Development


  • Advisors

    3% (Locked for 1-3 years)

  • Marketing


  • Airdrop


  • Public Investors



Q4 2022
Launch of the FRZW token

Whitepaper Creation 1st
Airdrop Launch
Listing of FRZW on Lbank exchange
Listing of FRZW on index platforms

Q1 2023
Launch of the FRZ chain

Launch of the FRZ-chain native token (FRZSS)
The transition of the FRZW to the new chain
DEX launch AMMs launch

Q2 2023
1st Burning Event

Development of Multi-chains bridges (Fantom, Solana, Polygon)
FRZSS/FRZW Staking Opportunity Creation
Building of projects on FRZ Chain
Providing Liquidity as a Service to other protocols (Double Farming)

Q3 2023
Cooperation with TOP MEDIA & Influencers

2nd Airdrop Launch
Listings of tokens on Tier2 exchanges
Strategic partnerships conclusion

Q4 2023
Growth of Trading Volume and TVL

dAPP launch
Multi-reward pool launch (with FRZSS staking, the user daily receives BUSD, WBNB, or FRZSS as dividends simultaneously. The more trading volume a user does, the greater rewards he gets)
APR/APY Calculator Development

Q1 2024
New Farms and Pools Creation

2nd Burning Event
Listing of tokens on different Launchpads
Potential collaborations with other top projects on FRZ & BSC chains

Q2 2024
3d Airdrop Launch

New asset liquidity control tools development
Listings of tokens on Tier1 exchanges

Q3 2024
Cryptocurrency Wallet Launch

Collaborations with other top projects on FRZ & BSC chains
3d Burning Event

Q4 2024
DAO Implementation

Voting function and other similar features for greater decentralization of the project